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*Friends of Hwange Trust are one of only two organisations that lead the oversight of solar boreholes and water pumps in Hwange National Park the team works in close collaboration

with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.


The relief of environmental degradation and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa


  • To directly impact projects in Phatisa’s private equity investment sectors of agriculture, food or housing

  • To facilitate water delivery and distribution to communities in rural areas

  • To work towards protection of the environment through carbon sequestration and reduction in emissions

  • To protect natural ecosystems distressed by agriculture and human encroachment (flora and fauna)

  • To support children under the age of 10 in terms of nutrition, shelter, health and education

  • To promote African culture and tradition

*The Phatisa Carbon Offset Initiative was designed and is maintained in partnership with Goldenlay – a Phatisa portfolio company – to offset the firm’s carbon footprint through a protected carbon sequestration area – miombo woodlands, Luanshya, Zambia.


The Phatisa Foundation was created in 2015 to complement existing Phatisa private equity fund initiatives. The Foundation
supplies grants throughout the continent, including communities bordering Phatisa’s portfolio investments whose values are in
parallel with ours to drive positive impact and take a long term view.

To date we have funded more than six ventures and continue to work alongside the Phatisa Environmental and Impact teams
on the in-house carbon offset initiative. Recognising lasting change does not result from one-off projects, the Foundation
provides ongoing support to our elected beneficiaries.


African Paediatric Fellowship Programme and The Harry Crossley Children`s Nursing Development Unit, facilitated by the Children’s Hospital Trust


Hwange, Zimbabwe

Solar water project


Nairobi and Malindi, Kenya

Beach flip-flop recycling


Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa

Single-use plastic clean-ups and awareness leaflet distribution


Phatisa Carbon Offset Initiative

Carbon-neutral project


Daru, Sierra Leone

Potable water delivery


Kamfer Dam, South Africa

Lesser flamingo rescue


Phatisa Foundation Fact Sheet

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* An unprecedented rescue mission was launch in early 2019 after endangered flamingos forced to abandon their thousands of eggs and newborn chicks because of the lack of water in the Kamfer’s Dam, Kimberly, South Africa.


The Foundation is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we believe we have a role to play in their achievement by 2030. It is our responsibility to make the future we envision for our world and we are not prepared to turn our back on Africa despite the magnitude of its challenges.

Our contribution may be relatively modest but we look to scaling up the work of the Foundation. If we are all willing to make a contribution: to an Africa where children have access to specialised healthcare, an Africa where people and wildlife can access clean water, where the environment is free from single-use plastic pollution and where communities are supported to empower themselves through innovative sustainable initiative, we believe we can achieve the global goals by 2030; one contribution at a time, one step at a time, all workingb together.


Phatisa Foundation and CO2 Initiative

* Phatisa invested in Goldtree in 2011 situated close to Daru, Sierra Leone. During investment activities we noted a lack of access to clean and safe water in the surrounding community. The Foundation made a grant to rehabilitate four defunct boreholes and sink a new borehole – maintained by Goldtree management.

We have pledged to make a material contribution in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and recognise there is a role to be played through inclusive business, which we work on through our portfolio company investments and philanthropy, which we manage under the Phatisa Foundation.

The Foundation will continue its work through 2020 and beyond, identifying and partnering with people and organisations that align with our ethos. Constructive change requires us all to play a part and recognise our role inshaping beneficial lasting impact and develpmental and ecological issues in Africa for our children, grandchildren and the innocents on this planet.

* Ocean Sole turns flip-flops into art and functional products and in turn raise visual awareness of rising ocean pollution. The team invest revenue into beach clean-ups, vocational and educational programmes, as well as conservation efforts.


The Phatisa Foundation Fact Sheet
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Turning flip flops into art with Ocean Sole


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Elephants, water and droughts in Hwange National Park


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Operation Save Flamingos

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A gift for life


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The Phatisa Carbon Offset initiative


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The Children’s Hospital Trust

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Wells of Salvation

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Africa and the Miombo forest ecosystem


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The African Paediatric Fellowship Programme


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Hwange National Park


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Meet Tiyamike Nkhoma RN, MsN – The African Paediatric Fellowship Programme


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Elephants, water and droughts in Hwange National Park


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*The African Paediatric Fellowship Programme and Nursing Development Unit are the leading training programmes in Africa dedicated to building the paediatric workforce, by provide training and clinical experience in top-ranking African hospitals and universities to African paediatric doctors and nurses.

This is why the Phatisa Foundation exists: to do something.